Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton, she's in for the presidential race

Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced her entry into the US 2008 presidential race. Her announcement came just days after black American Democratic Senator Barrack Obama’s media-created candidacy became official.

In a statement posted on her website on Saturday, Hillary Clinton made it official, announcing that she will form an exploratory committee to run for president in 2008, the first official step on seeking her party’s nomination. Said Hillary: “I’m in, And I’m in to win.”

It’s a catchy phrase that could well end up as a slogan on her campaign posters and “Hillary for President” T-shirts.

Meanwhile, the formation of an exploratory committee will legally allow her to raise money for her campaign and hire campaign staff.

Even her opponents concede that she has a formidable ability to raise large sums of money. She also enjoys a high name-recognition factor - a big advantage in American politics, where many voters have never heard of even seemingly prominent political figures.

There is hardly anybody in America that doesn’t know who Hillary is - a legacy, partly, of her eight years as a high-profile First Lady and, partly, of the best0selling book she wrote about her turbulent life with Bill Clinton after her husband left the White House.

Her six years as a hardworking senator from New York State and her re-election in November 2006 have also helped her to maintain a high public profile.

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